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  1. Stud Farm

Blu Steal, a chimerical band emerging from the fanciful mists of virtual reality is poised, primed, and ready for great things in the nether-regions of blown-in-the-bottle actuality.
Their initial issue, (Take Me Back to the) Stud Farm, a turbo-charged three-part rocker is now making itself known from its placement Youtube and FloatingRecords.com. The band consists of the following: Lead singer Mike Hawk (say that fast five times!) is from Needless, California , a small burg in San Bernardino County . Bassist Rod Throbber hails from Acne Township of Grand Traverse County Michigan. Guitarist Randy Sodd is from Cockermouth, an ancient market town in the Borough of Allderdale in Cumbria, England . Lastly, drummer Kal Kobra is from Cawabunga , California , a coastal town in Southern California . Kal is the offspring of legendary drummer Cal Cobra from the classic 1960’s surf band The Undertoes. The lads all emigrated to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune and met on the Sunset Strip where they can be periodically seen checking out all of the action and turning turgid street life into RAWK poetry. Their inspirations: Aerosmith,
Nugent, Travers, Val Halen, KISS, AC/DC, and Hagar. The lads are currently planning their next move and should have more material out soon. Stay tuned for more from this soon to be legendary band; Blu Steal.

Blu Steal (put an umlaut over the u in Blu
Mike Hawk - vocals
Randy Sodd - guitar
Rod ThrobbeR - bass
Kal Kobra -drums