Peter Rowan has been singing and writing songs since before he met Bill Monroe and became a bluegrass boy.  Bill infused Peter with the attitude that if you can play bluegrass music you can play anything. As Peter moved forward with his own musical career he took Bill at his word infusing a variety of global sounds to create his own style and sound that accompanies his melodic voice.  

The Tao of Bluegrass – A Portrait of Peter Rowan is a documentary that takes the viewer along a journey showing off Peter’s talents from the late 60’s, 70’s with Old and in the Way and beyond to the recording of Dharma Blues, his current CD.   His CD Dharma Blues was inspired by his practice of Buddhism and his love for creating sounds with fellow musicians. This creation is yet another jewel amongst his many published CD’s.  He has created new songs that we will come to love and sing over and over again.  The documentary includes glimpses into the recording sessions at the famous Plant Studios with producer John Chelew and special guests that are featured on the CD.  
Learn about Peter’s career through this documentary that includes old footage of; Seatrain, Peter as a bluegrass boy and The Rowan Brothers at Winterland.  Also included are interviews with Alison Krauss, Jerry Douglas, Tim O’Brien, David Grisman, Ricky Skaggs and many more. Enjoy listening to Dharma Blues that creates a sound that echoes his spiritual being, a songwriting journey Peter embarked on many years ago. 


The Tao of Bluegrass - A Portrait of Peter Rowan DVD

The Tao of Bluegrass - A Portrait of Peter Rowan DVD

Dharma Blues CD 
(cover photo by Martha McCord)

Dharma Blues CD (cover photo by Martha McCord)

Directed and Produced by Christine Funk with Executive Producer Don Zimmer

Peter Rowan History

There are only a few Blue Grass Boys still around that played with the Father of Bluegrass, Bill Monroe. Peter Rowan was a Blue Grass Boy in the 1960s for only a short time, but Bill's influence and musical knowledge still resonates with Peter. Even as he branched out into his own music after leaving Bill's band, his bluegrass roots were never far away. This portrait of Peter expands beyond his music to his artistic and spiritual endeavors spanning four decades, giving the viewer an in-depth look at a true legend within our Americana musical history. His lyrical quality and melodies are memorable, and Peter influenced the next generation of musicians, sharing what Monroe taught him and what he has learned while being a troubadour and traveling the world.

South 40 Films and Floating Records produced The Tao of Bluegrass - A Portrait of Peter Rowan. The film was accepted and screened at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October 2013 to a sold out show.  We were thrilled to have it in front of an audience that appreciated Peter's talents and to have Peter there with us.