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"The astute will enjoy it... beguiling... a very strange game indeed."
~ Dr. Robert Jogs, Rice University

"I don't know... It's really just... I don't know."
~ John Askew, Huntsville, TX

"I have no doubt that Swanson's on the spectrum."
~ Dave O'Reiley, Winter Park, CO

THE COUNTY WELL is a genuinely unique blend of voices, instruments, and styles. At its core is a sort of "southern-ness" that ranges geographically from Tennessee, down to New Orleans, west through Texas, along the Mexican border, and into Southern California. This southern-ness is evoked by dobro, pedal steel, slide guitar, flute, trombone, nylon string guitar picked in both Bluegrass and Spanish styles, and piano and organ. The album is available HERE on Floating Records.

Reverand Freakchild Dial It In"His reverential leanings are of the psychedelically induced variety with a PhD in Blues Bardology... It may not save your soul or lead you to the path of righteousness, but you sure will have some fun on the journey to wherever the hell it is REV. FREAKCHILD is headed."
~ No Depression, The Journal of Roots Music

PETER KAUKONEN, San Francisco Bay Area guitarist, has played, toured, and recorded with Black Kangaroo, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, and Johnny Winter.  His new album, CRAZY QUILT, is available HERE on
Floating Records.


Erik Yates, of Bay Area Based Hot Buttered Rum, has just released his solo album, GIVE IT TIME. We are pleased to offer it HERE on Floating Records.

Back by popular demand, Floating Records presents a second volume of music for the Life on the Water Film Series.  Composed and produced by Floating Records very own Don Zimmer.


“A powerfully distinctive voice.”
~ Michael Schmidt, author of The Novel: A Biography

“I read Guest’s work like I read Lyn Hejinian’s – with amazement at the logic and connections made.”
~ EK Reeder, author of Ramshackle and Fremont

“Winter Park is a fine, considered, original piece of creative work…I enjoyed it hugely.”
~ Toby Litt, author of Corpsing


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